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General Information


     Government Museum, Chennai is a multi-purpose State Government Museum located in Egmore, which is the heart of the city, spreading to an area of 16.25 acres of land. Six independent buildings in this Museum campus has 46 galleries.


Galleries of the Museum

1. Main Building (New Extension Building) Galleries


A. Archaeology

South Indian Sculptures Gallery
North Indian Sculptures Gallery
Indus Valley Civilisation Gallery
Memorial Stones and Hero Stones Gallery
Hindu Sculptures Gallery
Amaravati Sculptures Gallery
Jain Sculptures Gallery


General Zoology Gallery
Flight in Animals Gallery
Foreign Animals Gallery
4)  Reptile Gallery
5)  Bird Gallery
6)  Mammal Gallery
7)  Coral Gallery
8)  Invertebrate Gallery
9)  Fish Gallery      


1)  Systematic Botany Gallery
2)  Economic Botany


1)  General Geology Gallery
2)  Economic Geology Gallery


1)  Philately

2. Front Building

A. Anthropology

1)  Arms Gallery
2)  Pre-History
3)  Ethnology
4)  Musical Instruments 
5)  Folk Art 
6)  Physical Anthropology Gallery 
7)  Puppets Gallery                              

B. Archaeology           

1)  Industrial Art Gallery
2)  Wood Carvings Gallery  

3. Bronze Gallery

A. Archaeology                                

1)  Bronze Gallery (Ground Floor)
2)  Bronze Gallery (Mezzanine Floor)
3)  Hindu Bronzes Gallery (Second Floor)

B. Numismatics

1) Numismatics Gallery

C. Chemical Conservation

1)  Chemical Conservation Gallery.


4. Children's Museum

1)  Dolls Gallery
2)  Civilisation Gallery
3)  Science Gallery
4)  Transportation Gallery
5)  Technology Gallery
6)  Kids Corner


5. National Art Gallery

1)  Tanjore Painting Gallery
2)  Decorative Art Gallery
3)  Indian Traditional Art Gallery
4)  Ravi Varma Painting Gallery


6. Contemporary Art Gallery

1) Exposition on the progress of Industries and Handicrafts of
    Tamil Nadu (Ground Floor)
2) Raja Ravi Varma Gallery (Fibre Optic Gallery) (First Floor)
3) British Portraits Gallery (First Floor)
4) Modern Art Gallery (First Floor)
5) The Rock and Cave Art Gallery (Second Floor)
6) The Hollographic Gallery (Second Floor)


General Information

Location : Pantheon Road,
Chennai - 600 008.
Tamil Nadu India.


Accessibility : 1/2 KM from the Egmore Railway Station. 2 KM from the Central Railway Station.  
20 KM from Meenambakkam Air Port.


Working Hours : 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Holidays : Fridays and National Holidays viz. Republic Day (26th January),
Independence Day (15th August) and Gandhi Jayanthi (2nd October)


Entrance Fee : Rs. 15/- for adults (Indian Nationals)
Rs. 10/- for children below 12 years (Indian Nationals)
Rs. 5/- for bonafide students and teachers in groups with prior
permission (Indian Nationals)

Rs. 250/- or US $ 5 for adult (Non-Indian Nationals)
Rs. 125/- or US $ 2.50 for children (Non-Indian Nationals)
Rs. 75/- or US $ 1.50 for bonafide students and teachers in groups with prior
Permission (Non-Indian Nationals)


Camera Fee : Rs. 200/- per camera.


Video Camera : Rs. 500/- per video camera

1. Colour Picture Post Cards - Butterflies - Rs. 30.00 (10 Cards)
2. Colour Picture Post Cards - Bronzes - Rs. 50.00 (10 Cards)
3. Colour Picture Post Cards - Paintings - Rs. 30.00 (10 Cards)

Tickets are issued at the Main Entrance from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Commercial film/video shooting is not permitted.

Theatre (A/C)

Details of Payment towards the Museum Theatre A/C
Government Museum, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.

Ph. : 28193238 / Fax : 28193035 Email :


Rent for the Museum Theatre for programme Rent
A/c. Electricity
per hour
Rs. 1700/-
Caution Deposit Equivalent to two single programmes 2 days rent (rounded off)
4 Hours performance (single programme) 8,100 6,800 14,900 30,000
12 Hours performance (single continuous programme) 8,100 20,400 28,500 55,000
Two performances per day (4 Hours each) 16,200 13,600 29,800 30,000
Theatre Capacity (Number of Seats) 558 Seats (Eight Seats reserved for the Museum)
VIP seats 1 to 6 and 'G' Row : 1 & 2
  • Any damage done by the hirer to the building and furniture of the Museum Theatre will be recovered from the Caution Deposit and the cost be determined by the museum authorities.

  • The actual amount may be remitted to the State Bank of India, Thousand lights Branch, Chennai-600 006.

  • Caution Deposit may be remitted through D.D. (in favour of Chief Accounts Officer, Government Museum, Chennai) to the U.D. Accountant, Government Museum, and Chennai-600 008 on any working day between 11.30 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. for Rs.5, 000/- at the time of booking. If by any chance, the hirer cancelled the booking Rs.5000/- paid as Advance Caution Deposit will be forfeited.

  • Balance amount to be remitted 15 days before the actual date of performance.

  • Police permit should be obtained from the Commissioner of Police, Egmore, Chennai-600 008 for conducting the performance.

  • Arrangements for the provision of public address system and extra lighting except open halogen lamps may be made by you through a E.B. License holder.

  • Standby generator may be arranged by you for use during electricity failure.

  • All steps will be taken by the museum authorities for the up keep of the A/C units. But the Museum Department is not responsible, if the A/C. equipment is not working due to electricity or technical failures.

  • During water scarcity the applicant may arrange for water at their own expenses.

  • Eatables will not be allowed in the Museum Theatre and Theatre Verandah and Premises.

  • The Museum Theatre should be kept clean by the users during and after the programme and also hand over the Theatre as it is given to the hirer.

  • Stickers, posters should never the fixed in the walls or fixtures of the Museum Theatre. Wooden stage, screens, walls etc., should never be used for any other purposes.

  • Safety of life is very important and all precautions should be taken by those who book the Museum Theatre, to ensure the safety of human life as well as the heritage.

  • Regarding fire and safety precautions, the decision of museum authorities is final.

  • Sale of Coffee or Soft drinks will be allowed only near the main entrance ( Museum Theatre with the premission from the authorities).

  • The Museum rules should strictly be adhered to, if not the hirer will be fined Rs.10,000/-. This amount will be recovered from the caution Deposit.

  • If any hirer wants to Exhibit (Sales Products) they should obtain permission from the authorities to do so. After due permission alone they will be allowed to display their exhibits.

  • If by any chance, the programme has to be cancelled after remitting the full amount including the caution deposit, only 50% of the rent amount will be refunded.

  • Musical programmes should obtain NOC from "The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd" to conduct the programme in the Museum Theatre.


Addl. Chief Secretary /
Commissioner of Museums.

// by order //

Assistant Director (Admin)
Government Museum, Chennai - 8.

Refund of Caution Deposit cheque in favour of .......

Received Museum Theatre Rules

Signature of the Applicant

Exhibition Hall
: Rs. 750/- per day for each hall of the Centenary Exhibition Hall with a caution
deposit of Rs. 500/-


Telephone No : +91-44-2819 3238 (General) +91-44-2819 3778 (Director of Museums)


Fax No.      : +91-44-2819 3035


Email :



Publications of the department are available in the Sales Counter on all
working days of the museum galleries. Bulk purchase may be made with
discount by correspondence.

A Museum Publication Fund has been created. Donors for the publication
of books are welcome to contribute.


Free Guide Service is available at : 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.

All communications should be addressed to the Director of Museums, Government Museum, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.


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