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37th Refresher course on Care of Museum objects with special reference to manuscripts

The 37th Refresher course on Care of Museum objects with special reference to manuscripts was conducted at Chemical Conservation Section and Research Laboratory (CCRL) from 1st to 30th June 2011 in collaboration with National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi. Six participants from various parts of the country underwent the training. Knowing the collection, knowing and identifying the enemies of the collection, avoiding the enemies, monitoring and blocking the enemies, taking interventive steps in case of damage to arrest the decay with the help of conservators, effective communication, knowledge about treatment, making the right decisions based on the knowledge are some of the skills which the course had imparted to the trainees. The trainees were taught to conserve actual museum objects composed of various materials such as wood, metal, stone, textile, paper, palm-leaf, etc. The training comprised of both Theory and Practical sessions by Experts in various fields. They were also taken on field trips to monuments at Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Museums, Libraries and Archives in and around Chennai to study various aspects of conservation procedures adopted in those places.

A special Exhibition on Care of Antiquities was organized at the Centenary Exhibition Hall of the Museum in order to create awareness among visitors, students and general public enabling them to take care of the art and cultural objects for posterity. The Exhibition had objects like bronze sculptures, Copper coins, wood carvings from temple cars, palm-leaf manuscripts, metallic artefacts, bone and ivory decorative boxes, oil paintings and water colours, Ravi Varma prints on paper etc., displayed along with suitable photographs to show their conditions before and after treatment. A detailed dissertation project report prepared by the participants was also available for reference. A demonstration on how to take care of Palm-leaf manuscripts was also arranged to guide the visitors to show the methods of dusting by brushing, oiling for regaining flexibility and re-inking for clarity. The Exhibition was kept open for viewing from 1st to 5th July 2011 from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. Hundreds of visitors were benefited.

A few glimpses of the Training course and the special exhibition are given below

Inauguration of the Course by
Thiru.S.S.Jawahar, Commissioner of Museums
Thiru.V.K.Jeyakodi I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture Department inaugurated the special exhibition and delivered the Valeditory Address
Certificates were distributed to the Trainees of the course
Students of Womens Christian college, Chennai receiving Certificates for completing internship training at CCRL
Special Exhibition on CARE OF ANTIQUITIES some views

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